I was in bed this Sunday enjoying a book (a rare trea)t when the phone went. It was Charlie from Australia. Charlie, her husband and 1 year old son had sadly immigrated about 2 months ago. After a lengthy catch up session and sharing of news she told me they were in their new house, but it was too small for some of their things. The one in particular was the very large beautiful red Persian carpet that she had been given by her mother in law.

We had cleaned the Persian Carpet along with other of her loose rugs earlier in the year in preparation for their travels across the sea. Charlie said they had a wooden container and wanted to know how they should protect & store their beautiful Persian carpet until they had a suitable place for it to be displayed.

I told her the two biggest worries when storing her Persian carpet would be wool moth and dampness. The carpet would be absolutely fine if they could eradicate any risk of those 2 things.

She said they had a vacuum bag that was big enough to fit the carpet in. I then told her to roll it up as compactly as possible and the place it in the vacuum bag and suck all the air out. With the worries of her Persian rug out the way we caught up further and promised to Skype soon when my daughter was home.