Immaculate Cleaning Services offers a full carpet cleaning service were we come to your premises and clean your fitted carpets with the best method, matched with the type of fibre your carpet is made from.

We have been in business since 1939 and our level of expertise is unequalled. We are experts in getting the best cleaning results for virtually any kind of carpet, including:

  • Synthetic carpets (polypropylene, acrylic, solution dyed nylon, polyester)
  • Natural fibre carpets (wool, silk, coir, sisal, sea grass, cotton, hemp)
  • Damaged Carpets (splits, edges, burn marks, stained, pets, worn areas)

We clean any make of carpet – Nouwens, Belgotex, van Dyck, Wilton, Crossley, Nextus, etc.

Our carpet cleaning service is designed to achieve the best results possible through fibre specific cleaning methods. If you are not satisfied our Managing Director and/or assitant will come out to inspect and arrange whatever is needed to improve the result where possible.

We also offer a full loose Carpet and Rug cleaning service where we collect your Rugs and take them to our Kew, Johannesburg factory for expert cleaning. When cleaning is complete your Rugs are returned and re-laid at your house or office.

Contact us for more information on our carpet cleaning services.