Carpet, curtain
& upholstery cleaning services

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Since 1939, Immaculate Cleaning Services have been working to improve the quality of people’s lives with our full range of cleaning services for all types of soft furnishings.

We’ll revitalise your carpets, curtains, and upholstered furniture with our specialised cleaning techniques tailored to your needs, and the specific fibre content of your soft furnishings.

Based in Kew, Johannesburg, we’ll send our consultants out to your home or office, and assess your carpet, curtain or upholstery cleaning needs.  Our on-the-road teams can come in and take care of all your fitted carpets and upholstery, while our curtain cleaning team will take your curtains to our factory, and re-hang and steam them for you once they’re cleaned and pressed.  Loose rugs are collected by our carpet cleaning team, for expert cleaning at our factory and delivered back to you with a new lease on life.

Services we offer

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Curtain cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Loose carpets and Persian carpet cleaning
  • Fabric covered partitions / room dividers
  • Woven wall hangings
  • Stain protection treatment
  • Flame retardant treatment
  • Anti-static treatment
  • Moth protection treatment
  • Pre shrinking of fabrics before make up
  • Carpet repairs and edging

Simplify Your Life

Request a custom maintenance program to keep your carpets, curtains and upholstery clean and fresh for the whole year, and we’ll provide spotting chemicals that you can use to maintain your soft furnishings between professional cleans as well.

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