Are you an interior designer or decorator? Give your clients peace of mind with our after sales service for maintaining the beautiful soft furnishings you have supplied for their homes, offices, hotels, lodges and other commercial environments. Take away their cleaning maintenance headaches and ensuring that your creations are in the hands of professionals who will treat your fabric with the respect it deserves.

Give us a call and we’ll come meet with you to discuss a way for you to introduce your clients to our cleaning services that works for you.


We offer pre shrinking for fabrics prior to make up, to reduce returns on loose covers and curtains that the client has cleaned themself.

According to fabric houses, 3% shrinkage is acceptable, which means a potential 3cm in every meter.  Not something you want in a loose cover or curtain drops.

Stain Protection

Minimize the risk of spots becoming stains & ensure a better outcome for cleaning with our Immacguard stain protection treatment.

This can be applied to rolls of fabric prior to make up, or applied to ready made-up items.

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Fabric Testing

We carry out tests on fabrics to determine suitable cleaning methods and shrinkage so that you can advise your clients on what to expect from the fabric they have chosen.

This service we offer free of charge to the trade, and we’ll also assist with determining ideal applications for a fabric or carpet, regarding its maintenance and cleaning.

Immaculate Maintenance

We’ll tailor-make an Immaculate maintenance program folder for your client, including information on what to do about  spotting, and what form of professional cleaning their soft furnishings will require.

Should your client run in to problems after installation regarding cleaning and maintenance, our M.D. will meet you on site and assess the situation and give a recommendation for its solution going forward.

Contact us for more information about our maintenance program and the other services we offer.