We clean couches, arm chairs, wingbacks, lounge suites office chairs upholstered bed heads and room divides.

At Immaculate Cleaning we pride ourselves on our expertise in soft furnishing cleaning. When cleaning upholstery they are cleaned gently and professionally.

We come to your home or office to assess the items and give you a quote. If we feel they should be taken into the factory for closer attention we will recommend this, otherwise our onsite cleaning technicians will clean them on site. All loose covers should be removed and cleaned at the factory. We take care to remove all marks, using the correct cleaning materials for the problem and the fibre of the fabric.

We know you will be satisfied because we treat your furniture as if it were our own.

The Immaculate Process

On site inspection

We check for damage, wear and tear, fading, dye problems, stains (urine, water, wine etc).Loose piping , missing buttons, broken feet or perished fabric.


Couches, chairs, bed heads, room divides are hand cleaned using a soft nylon bristled brush especialy designed for upholstery cleaning. We use either a wet method or a dry solvent method dependent on the fibre and dyes of the fabric covering them.


Upholstery undergoes a final setting of the pile and suctioning to ensure rapid drying and looking the best they can once dry. Cushions are placed on end preferably on plastic. These need to be rotated on a regular basis until fully dry. This ensures no water marks develop in the drying process.

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