Immaculate Cleaning Services has three superb treatments that can be applied to your fabrics and textiles.


Immacguard stain protection treatment provides a highly advanced system of fibre protection. It is imported from Europe. Immacguard can be used across a wide range of soft furnishings, particularly carpets, upholstery (fabric and leather), curtains or fabric on the roll. Treatment with Immacguard protects against virtually all household soiling and spills. Its protective properties are even effective against greasy marks, for example butter and salad dressing and staining liquids such as fruit juice, as well as those little hands covered in sticky stuff.

Immacguard is a topical treatment, retards soiling and improves the result of professional cleaning, and generally increases the life span of the item.

Immacguard treatment keeps home furnishings looking newer longer and saves time and effort with routine cleaning. Dirt will not stick to the fibres or impregnate the fibre as readily. The dirt can be easily removed by vacuuming, brushing or washing.

What Immacguard does not do:

  • Stop soft furnishings from getting dirty
  • Certain strong colorants, particularly reds, are not always protected against by Immacguard

Immacguard is our answer to Scotchgard tm

Immaculate Anti-static Treatment

Stop that snap, crackle and pop effect static causes during the winter months on the highveld.

Static build up in areas where there are wall to wall carpet installations, and in air-conditioned environments, particularly if computers are in use. Just walking on carpets generates up to 600 volts per step. It will produce harmless shocks until you earth yourself on your computer… resulting in expensive data loss.

There are several methods of reducing the undesirable effects of static build up. The easiest and cheapest solution is to get Immaculate to treat your carpet with our anti-static treatment, suitable for all fibres.

So if you are experiencing computer data loss, security card systems malfunctions or shocks when touching door handles or leaves of pot plants, Immaculate Anti-static Treatment can help.

We spray your carpets with a cation-active conductive softing agent. This reduces the static build up to such an extent that even during our driest periods no static problems will occur. The treatment will also reduce soiling and improve the hygiene properties of the carpet.

Immaculate Flame Retardant

Immaculate Flame Retardant protects your fabrics and textiles against fire. It will stop flames from spreading quickly, thus reducing damage over an infinitely wide area. The flames will not propagate or spread beyond the area of contact with the flame, and the risk of dangerous afterglow is eliminated.

  1. It is effective on natural fibres (wool, cotton, etc) and synthetic fibres (acrylic, acetates, polyester and many others) or blends
  2. It can be applied to most fibres by spraying or dipping
  3. It imparts excellent flame retardancy and reduces afterglow to a minimum
  4. It does not crystallize or shake out, which could cause it to lose its effectiveness
  5. It is non-toxic
  6. It readily withstands temperatures of up to 240 degrees F
  7. It is readily removed by water based cleaning
  8. It can be supplied ready to use
  9. It does not mark or stain
  10. It is non-hydroscopic

Applications for Flame Retardant

  • The foam used in upholstery burns readily and can cause bad burns if touched when alight. However foam soaked in Immaculate Flame Retardant will burn on direct contact with a flame but the flame is self extinguishing.
  • Straw, hessian, partitions etc have been treated for theatrical performances as well as when used on film productions and exhibitions.
  • Lamp shades made of paper can be protected.
  • PVA paint is highly flammable and can be flame retarded by mixing 1 part Immaculate Flame Retardant with 2 parts paint.
  • Virtually any material that will absorb the liquid can be made flame retardant including wood.

What Flame Retardant does not do:

It is not a flame proofing compound. It will not stop a material from charring in the vicinity of a flame or stop thermoplastic materials, such as nylon or acrylic, from melting.

Hotels and Lodges

Immaculate’s Flame Retardant and Immacguard have found a ready market in hotels such as the Sandton Hilton, the Mount Grace and the Grace Hotel as well as the Londolozi Game Lodge where all furnishings were treated with the flame retardant and stain protection treatment.

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