We offer a comprehensive Cleaning and Repair Service for Persian Rugs and Persian Carpets in Johannesburg.  This includes:

  • on-site inspection of your rug and collection
  • a thorough inspection of your Persian Rug to check for abrash (inconsistent dyeing), white knots (appearance of the underlying structure of the rug), urine damage from pets, colour run and any other damage
  • dye testing and PH testing
  • high pressure cold water ‘full immersion’ cleaning and rinsing
  • hanging and fast drying
  • fringe finishing & grooming
  • delivery to your home or office

Immaculate Persian Rug Repair & Restoration Service

Our skilled workers can carry out any type of repair ranging from re-fringing to complete restoration on an area where a whole section of the rug needs re-building.

Most repairs are carried out by our skilled weavers.  Rugs need to be cleaned prior to repairs taking place so that the colours of the replacement wool or silk can be correctly matched.

Whatever the damage, we can correct it…

  • Worn fringes
  • Torn areas
  • Damaged selvage
  • Curled corners
  • Plant pot damage
  • Moth damage