Curtains, Drapes and Blinds Cleaning

At Immaculate Cleaning we pride ourselves on our expertise in curtain cleaning.  When we clean curtains they are cleaned properly, gently and professionally.

We come to your home or office, assess the curtains, take them down and bring them to the factory for cleaning.

At the factory we take care to try and remove all marks, using the right cleaners for the problem and for the fabric. Then we clean the curtains carefully, dry them and inspect them.

We even offer a repair service.

Finally the curtains are delivered to you, hung and inspected again, to ensure the best result.

We know that you will be satisfied because we treat your curtains as though they are our own.

The Immaculate Process

1: Pre-inspection

We check for damage, wear and tear, fading, dye problems, stains (urine, wine, water, etc).  We check the curtains and linings for weaknesses and sun damage.

2: Cleaning

Curtains, drapes and blinds are hand cleaned, washed or dry cleaned according to the fibres and dyes and using the right solvents.  Then they are carefully laid out and dried slowly, to avoid shrinkage.

3: Finishing

Curtains undergo a final inspection, after which they are pressed and finished.

4: Re-hang

Curtains are brought back to you with the hooks in place and re-hung for you by our team, who have an eye for detail.