I have recently had the unpleasant but rewarding task of painting the inside of our home. It truly felt like we were moving home on a daily bases, spread over a couple of what felt like months but in fact was only weeks. The positive is it is a wonderful opportunity to deluge ones home.

Now that the painting is over and the walls and ceilings are looking refreshed and clean, our carpets are by comparison, looking terrible. We have a little black and white cat called Tilly and compared to other of our previous cats she has comparatively few hair balls, but with the painters and all the upheaval we have not been taking care of her little upsets as thoroughly as we could have been. These are best cleaned up ASAP by scraping up the bulk of the vomit and then just wiping the residual with a damp cloth.

The time has come despite it being winter, to clean the carpets. I simply could not go another day. Maybe it’s a cleaner’s thing, but I notice dirty carpets, curtains and upholstery more than most, in fact the instant I walk into an area.

The date was set 1st thing on Wednesday morning. The Immaculate carpet and Upholstery cleaning team arrived and immediately set to pre spotting all the cats upsets as well as the area my daughter puts body cream on and  another spot were my son had spilt something sweet, I know this, as it is sticky and  attracts ants, not to mention the unaccounted for water marks. Then the upholstery was cleaned and the loose cushions placed on plastic to dry in the sun, these have to be rotated, so as to avoid water marks developing. Lastly the carpets were cleaned, sucked and pile set up to dry. What a blessing this mild winter has been as the carpets were practically dry and looking amazing by night fall.

I am now all set for the onset of spring and that compulsive need to spring clean is all behind me, my home is literally sparkling. I can now concentrate on my loves, the garden and entertaining family and friends in my beautiful clean home. Yes cleaning certainly does re kindle my love of my home.