Immaculate currently employs 26 people full time, whose combined years of working at Immaculate gives us in excess of 300 years of experience. 23 of our staff form part of our black economic empowerment programme. Since 1990 all staff have been members of a provident fund. Immaculate is constantly upgrading and improving the education of our staff to keep abreast of new products on the market and technology.

Immaculate Cleaning Services qualifies as an “Exempted Micro Enterprise” (EME), since it has an annual turnover of less than R10 million (10,000,000 per annum. As a qualified EME, the company receives an automatic Level (4) Four BBBEE contribution status with a 100% BBBEE Procurement Recognition. Enterprises procuring from Immaculate are entitled to claim 100%, or R1.00 for every R1.00 spent.

View our BEE certificate here.