It is that time of year again when we have the pleasure of cleaning the carpets in a family member’s home. This has become an annual ritual. Every year they have the intention of cleaning throughout but like all of us hate having their creature comforts disturbed.

This year I suggested cleaning the entrance hall Turkish silk Persian which had turned a darker shade of grey over the past year, subtle but still with an air of beauty. I was quite sure I would be told the story of how he and his son had bought the Persian silk carpet in Turkey while travelling there some years ago and being reluctant to let it go for cleaning. But what do you know perseverance pays off in the end.

I noted while rolling it up that in fact the underside of the Persian carpet still retained its jewel like colours and for the first time I realized it was not a composition of subtle greys. I remarked, at the time that it was quite faded so there was no lament when it was returned.

To my surprise and delight when walking through the drying area of loose carpets, this carpet caught my eye again, for a different reason this time, as the face of the carpet had been restored to its  jewel like colours of ruby and turquoise.

We had cleaned it with the method especially developed for delicate silk carpets which we call the double method. The fibres are protected by solvent and then it is wet cleaned to remove the dirt.

I can’t wait for its return to its  owners and for them to enjoy the beautiful colours that had once caught their eye during their travels in Turkey and they can truly take a trip down memory lane.