The other day my sales rep Vino requested I go out and see some natural Sea Grass rugs. We had cleaned them and whilst they were clean, they had an array of yellow stains on them. The problem was that the owner’s rug rats, a pack of Yorkshire Terries had been piddling on them.

I myself have a Jack Russell who believes natural grass fibre rugs including Sisal, Coir and Hemp are all good alternative to the lawn outside. Sadly the urine bleaches the colour out of the natural fibre leaving a golden, bull’s eye patch.

The client’s very large and expensive Sea Grass rugs now look like multiple bulls eyes scattered over a brown base carpet.

The moment I saw them I knew we had to come up with an amicable solution for this problem, as the pure expense of replacing these new carpets would be horrendous and being an animal lover I did not want the dogs to take the brunt of the owner’s frustration.

To dye the carpets was not a solution, as the dogs had not been cured of their bad habit and to blend in the patches is not always successful. I told the client that we had never done the procedure I had in mind before, so was she prepared to test the smallest carpet with a mild bleaching technique?

I believed this could result in the blending in of the urine bleached patches into a lighter base colour carpet. It would result in the carpet being a lighter colour but all round it would enable them to continue using the rugs, until the pack were trained or the client was ready to replace the carpets, having had the desired ware out of them.

To my delight, I am pleased to report that we achieved a very aesthetically pleasing out come and we are now going to treat the remainder of the carpets. Sometimes it is worth taking a calculated risk.