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Removing Dog Urine Stains from Sea Grass Rugs

The other day my sales rep Vino requested I go out and see some natural Sea Grass rugs. We had cleaned them and whilst they were clean, they had an array of yellow stains on them. The problem was that the owner’s rug rats, a pack of Yorkshire Terries had been piddling on them. I [...]

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Removing Red Wine Stains from a Persian Carpet

I know its winter when the red wine stains on carpets, curtains and upholstery start coming in, however this was unique in that the call came in late on Saturday night. It was my panic stricken daughter who was away at the Vaal River with her boyfriend and friends. The call went “Mom! What do [...]

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Restoring Turkish Silk Persian Carpet to its Former Glory

It is that time of year again when we have the pleasure of cleaning the carpets in a family member’s home. This has become an annual ritual. Every year they have the intention of cleaning throughout but like all of us hate having their creature comforts disturbed. This year I suggested cleaning the entrance hall [...]